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galleryf is an exciting visual showcase for the finest contemporary photography from EPUK's thousand strong membership of emerging and established editorial photographers. With an emphasis on documentary and reportage galleryf offers exceptional collectible prints from a wide range of internationally acclaimed photojournalists.

We offer a choice of collectible archival museum quality certified prints made to the highest possible standards or low cost display prints.

Current Exhibition: The Elements: Water
Welcome to our first exhibition in the Elements series.  For this show we have brought together an eclectic selection of prints from our photographers on the theme of 'Water'. These photographs bring to life this colourless, odourless, tasteless liquid that is utterly vital to our existence. We are mostly water; more than ninety percent of our body is made up from water;  almost three quarters of our planet is covered in water. For the developed world water is the stuff of childhood pleasures, summer holidays, winter wonderlands, fun and fantasy: beautiful in all its different forms. But for the developing world it's so often a luxury item and even in the 21st century, one in eight people still have no access to safe clean drinking water. We really hope you enjoy the exhibition and we look forward to sharing more of our photographers work with you in the near future.        View Exhibition

Our next Exhibition will be announced shortly